Jul 30 2015

Uses for: auntyvirus.com

Category: ideas for domain usesexpiredlive @ 7:45 am

This is such a clever domain name, recently discovered and available at:


auntyvirus.com can be used as a security advice blog, children protection software

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Oct 13 2013

GoDaddy showing vastly overpriced dropped domain names. Is this a system error?

Category: domain pricingexpiredlive @ 10:06 pm

This is a warning for all prospective buyers of new domain names.

GoDaddy’s systems may tend to put a premium on newly dropped names when they shouldn’t.

A reader of our blog warned us about the case of kinwi.com, a very short and easy to remember domain name that appeared recently as a listing in expiredlive.com.

He got the scare of his life when he wanted to register it, it showed a price of EUR 61.60. This is not the price for a new domain name for a year, not even a recently dropped domain.


Whenever you pay for a brand new domain that has just been dropped, there should be no premium to pay for it.  Once a domain drops, it’s a new life for it, so much so that you can purchase it from any domain registrar at the standard .com or .net price.

We repeated the search on a different domain registrar and the results were much different. We were quoted a more appropriate price of EUR 15.90 for two years


So whether this is a temporary problem or not, it pays to do your research and compare different registrars.


Jul 18 2013

New feature added: Latest available domains RSS

Category: Expired Live featuresexpiredlive @ 9:07 pm

We are making it easier to get real-time information on popular domains being dropped.

Our Latest available domain list is now available via an RSS feed at:


Just use the ‘Subscribe to this page’ option in the Firefox Web browser (pictured)


or use your favorite RSS client, RSS reader service, Android or IPhone App  to be up to date with daily domains carefully chosen by our editors.


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Jun 01 2013

Cashing in on the upcoming World Cup fever: fifaclips.com

Category: sports domainsexpiredlive @ 10:29 am

Soccer world cup Brazil is a little over a year away but here’s a name that will be worth thinking about.

It’s an easy chance to get a step ahead in the event that catches the world’s imagination every four years.


Enter Fifaclips.com, a domain that has been trending these last couple of days.

The name is very much ready to be used for a  video clip aggregator with a World cup theme.  After the world cup is over, there are a myriad FIFA events that remain all year round so the wave of popularity won’t be lost.

Some additional insight provided by our expired live listing:

  • Keyword has been used for promoting video clips of the popular EA Fifa series that is renewed every year or so.
  • Name reached a $69 appraisal value in 2011
  • Name was on offer at SEDO Parking in June 2010, ready to benefit from the interest from the previous World Cup.
  • Similar names, like fifa-news.com or watchfifa.com are quoting $2,500 and $10,000 in SEDO

What’s more, all this research is in your hands for every listing you see displayed in our Home page, latest available, and short names sections. All three sections include popular and family-safe domains available right away without the need to wait for them being dropped. So be sure to bookmark our RSS to keep ahead.


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